Compotech - Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP): light but stableCompotech - Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP): Solutions which fit precisely.Compotech - The perfection of high quality plastic.Compotech - Kunststofflösungen mit optimaler Designflexibilität.Compotech - Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP): Solutions with optimum design flexibility.Compotech - Kunststoff: Leicht und trotzdem beständig.

Mission statement

We are a supplier of moulded parts and systems made from fibre-reinforced plastics, primarily based on unsaturated polyester resins.

  • We undertake the processing of whole components for our customers. This reduces the complexity of their internal production processes, saves them logistics costs and increases their reliability in terms of quality and availability of the components.
  • We operate internationally with an active presence in the European sector which is handled by local representatives in the various markets.
  • We use the moulding process for fibre-reinforced plastics for sectors such as rail and commercial vehicle manufacture and equipment and machine manufacturing.
  • We aim for an integrated customer focus in all sectors and at all levels. We view competition in a positive light and treat our competitors fairly. We cooperate with our external market partners (suppliers, banks, institutes) in open and constructive partnerships.
  • We aim for a good level of profitability in order to ensure our long-term presence and growth as an independent company.
  • We are committed to the social market economy and actively pursue the preservation and sound organisation of entrepreneurial freedom and flexibility. From this position of responsibility we aim to work constructively with government institutions at all levels, interest groups and the public.
  • The environment and the health of our employees are very important to us. We pursue measures beyond the legal requirements to ensure occupational health and safety.
  • As a flexible SME we work with the production means and processes of our medium-sized and large customers. This enables us to integrate ourselves into their mode of thinking and operation for each project.
  • Through their skills, commitment and care, all members of staff make a crucial contribution to the achievement of our company objectives. We are therefore dedicated to improving qualifications, performance-related evaluation and remuneration which is at least the norm for the sector. We attach great importance to specialist training for our management and skilled employees.
  • Our management principles are founded on goal-oriented action and decision making. We expect professional efficient action at all levels, economy and care in dealing with the materials provided and a business approach which avoids any department-related or self-centred attitude.