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Targeting UK rail and transport

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Tuesday, 15. May 2018

With a new UK business development manager on board,  Compotech is showcasing its rail industry composites expertise at three key shows.

Exhibiting at RAIL LIVE at Long Marston in June , RVE Modern Railways exhibition Derby in October and INNOTRANS in Berlin September , with multiple SMC presses – with the largest ones supporting  up to 2,000 tonnes – Compotech is further developing their capabilities across Europe with the appointment of Peter Rawson as UK business development manager for segments serving Transportation and machine building.

Peter will be in attendance at all three exhibitions with examples of Compotech’s full range of capabilities.

Producing a wide range of high quality FRP composite parts for the rail and transport industries  , Compotech has wide ranging in-house capability for full finishing includin CNC machining, painting and assembly of parts.

"Parts up to 3m x 2.5 m are within our capability" , states Peter. "Wall and ceiling panel systems , door covers , tables , seat shells ,rack and cabin systems are produced for customers Europe wide and the demanding safety and quality standards met across many industries."

In addition to its main SMC capability , Compotech also has extensive capabilities for RTM.

"We look forward to building our business further in the UK and throughout Europe , talking with existing and new customers “ says Peter.

Compotech can now be contacted on 01984 629089, 07788 975834 or email