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Compotech AG provides application-based solutions and concepts. The design department provides the customer with support and advice from the design/development phase right through to series production. For more informations please visit our website.

FRP covers a wide spectrum!



Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) processing covers a wide spectrum, ranging from manual to industrial-scale processes. We select the most suitable materials (fibres, matrix) and most efficient method for FRP processing, depending on the type of glass reinforced plastic moulded parts, their complexity and size, and also the number of pieces.




Compotech AG in Weinfelden, Switzerland, develops and produces technical Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) moulded parts and systems. The renowned Swiss FRP processing company is an international supplier to the industry. Visit our website and take a look at our services.

What is FRP?

Fibre-reinforced plastic, often referred to as FRP is widely used in the construction, marine, automotive, medical engineering and sanitation industries amongst others. It's a composite material that is produced when reinforcing materials such as fibres are blended with a polymer matrix. Our two sites based in Weinfelden, Switzerland, COMPOTECH AG and in COMPOTECH Kft in Nyiregyhaza, Hungary are leading names in the development and production of FRPs for the international market. High quality moulded parts and systems are its areas of expertise and the company offers full support through every stage of each FRP project.

Tell me more about FRP

Fibre-reinforced plastic is, as its name suggests, a plastic or polymer that has been given added strength and durability through the addition of fibres. The most commonly used fibres include glass, carbon, basalt and aramid but, in some cases, FRP may be made using wood, asbestos or paper. COMPOTECH AG products are generally made using glass fibres. Glass reinforced polymers are an ideal solution when the performance limits of traditionally-used materials such as wood, steel or aluminium don't meet industry standards - in terms of design, stability, fire protection or weight, for example.

How is FRP made?

There is more to the production of fibre-reinforced plastics than you may imagine. An FRP product contains fibres that enhance the elasticity and mechanical strengths of plastic. The plastic base material, known as the matrix, may look tough but without the addition of fibres, it is apt to split or break under pressure. The introduction of fibres creates a powerful composite that is suitable for numerous applications. COMPOTECH AG excels in the area of SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound), a ready to use material that is easily moulded to suit your needs. Many FRPs are made by placing dry fibre pre-forms along with a set amount of resin in a special mould. We use either open or closed moulding processes at our plant in Switzerland and you can see examples at

Whereas COMPOTECH Kft in Hungary is specialized for small series from Proto-Typing to several hundred pieces in Hand Lay-Up respectively Light RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) at most economical conditions.

Why choose FRP over steel or wood?

Choosing FRP as an alternative to conventional materials has several benefits. Cost-effective and durable, their robust construction can improve overall efficiency. Fibre-reinforced plastics are typically high in strength yet low in weight which partially explains the marked increase in interest from the automotive sector where they're replacing many metal components. Lighter, stronger and more fuel-efficient, products can also be customised to suit specific needs. Perhaps that's why customers from a diverse range of industries are choosing COMPOTECH AG products as a solution for the future.

COMPOTECH AG - your FRP partner

With over 50 years of experience in FRP processing, COMPOTECH is one of Europe's most prominent suppliers. Our outstanding capabilities in SMC, hot pressing, hand lay-up, L-RTM, painting and assembly are enhanced by our skills in engineering and project management. The experienced COMPOTECH AG team is on hand to help find solutions to the most challenging FRP projects. See more at or call us for more information on fibre reinforced plastics.


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